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Axial Fan

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With access to the latest technologies, specialized systems and modern manufacturing methods, this factory has been able to respond to the needs of respected customers in various industries with the utmost precision and elegance. Sarvian factory (Azarfan) as the first manufacturer of industrial ventilators and the most reliable in Iran with industrial applications such as bag filter (dust collector) fans, Airslide, furnace blowers, cooler fans, material transfer fans and axial fans for continuous operation with a one-year warranty And it will lead to the confidence of dear customers.

Kinds Of

Axial Fan

Axial Fans

Axial fans are designed and manufactured with high flow and pressure of 500pa. The fan blades of these fans can be adjusted to increase or decrease the flow rate when needed. Axial fan capacity up to 300,000 cubic meters per hour (m³/h) with 700pa pressure will be possible.

این وب سایت از کوکی ها برای بهبود تجربه وب شما استفاده می کند.